'We investigate the patterns and mechanisms of genomic variation in disease'


The International Common Cockle Genome Consortium (ICCGC) is an international collaboration network created on 2016 to obtain the reference genome and transcriptome of Cerastoderma edule. By combing different technologies of next generation sequencing the first draft of the assembly and annotation has allowed us to study the genetic alterations of cockle transmissible cancers.

Working Groups and Members


Scientific Symposia of ICCGC

Several interdisciplinary meetings were organized by the International Common Cockle Genome Consortium to serve as a forum for researchers working around the world in this corsortium to discuss their efforts toward thoroughly assembling and annotating the genome of Cerastoderma edule.


I MINISYMPOSIUM ICCGC - April 11th, 2016. CINBIO - University of Vigo

II MINISYMPOSIUM ICCGC - October 25th, 2016. CINBIO - University of Vigo

III MINISYMPOSIUM ICCGC - October 25 , 2018. Faculty of Biology - University of Santiago de Compostela


Dr Michael Metzger (Pacific Northwest Research Institute, USA) was invited to give a talk on Transmissible Cancers on May 16th, 2018 at 1pm in the Molecular Medicine and Chronic Diseases Research Centre - CIMUS (Santiago de Compostela, Spain).


Jose TubĂ­o
ICCGC scientific coordinator
E-mail: jose.mc.tubio@usc.es
Twitter: @MobileGenomes

Alicia L. Bruzos
ICCGC secretariat
E-mail: albruzos@gmail.com
Twitter: @BruzosAliciaL


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